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          • MORE>Comprehensive Messa…

            iMC2000 is an important device of McWiLL? broadband multimedia trunking system

          • MORE>Integrated Network …

            Integrated network management and operation support system is an important equipment of McWiLL? broadband wireless multimedia trunking system,

          • MORE>Integrated User Dat…

            Integrated user data management system is a core device of McWiLL? broadband multimedia

          • MORE>STAT

            STAT is a traffic statistics system which conducts regular monitoring and statistic analysis on the operation data of BTSs and switches

          • MORE>Integrated Manageme…

            iMD3000 can meet requirements for safe management of digital transmission terminals,

          • MORE>Recording System

            Recording system can provide McWiLL? broadband multimedia trunking system with recording services

          • MORE>ME1610

            Handheld terminal ME1610 is an industrial terminal designed for mobile handheld applications.

          • MORE>General Dispatch Cl…

            GDC1000 is an important component of McWiLL? broadband multimedia trunking system

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